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Well… Here it is.


I’m sure you guys have probably put it together by now, but this RP is finally calling it quits.

It’s been fun, and we’re so happy that we were able to entertain you guys for a while. But with all of us moving onto new chapters in our own lives, and with the show being finished, this roleplay needs to end. Thank you guys so much for paying attention and interacting with us. This wouldn’t have been as much fun as it was without you.

And to the members of this rp family; I’m so happy that we did this. It was fun while it lasted.

I guess, in the words of Freddie Benson… “We’re clear.”


I had a blast with all of the followers, and with the members of this family. Thank you guys so much for everything. xx

It’s not a complete goodbye… We’re best friends. Best friends don’t say goodbye- Just see you later.

Text: Carly
Freddie: Hey... I know we haven't really talked lately, but I'm still here for you. Brad is, too. And whenever you're ready to talk, we'll both be here. We'll wait for however long it takes.
Why haven't you talked to Carly yet? Y'know, about what happened?

I did, actually. I heard a lot of commotion in her apartment yesterday, so we just video chatted for a bit. She told me everything that happened, but she looked really worn out. I guess she told everyone who needed to know yesterday. 

But, I assure you, this dude is going to regret messing with Carly.

yes but what has kept the show going this whole time and made the fan base grow larger, the ships o;

I don’t think ships have completely kept it going this whole time.

Also, what was the message in iStart A Fanwar?

Think about it, people. These characters are worth so much more than just being a part of a ship, just like any other human.


just a tiny bit boring without any ships -.-

Ah, but you see, anon, iCarly isn’t just about ships. Which is a point a lot of people seem to be missing as of late.

Remember when the show started, and we all fell in love with three best friends who were doing a webshow and managed to get themselves into all sorts of shenanigans? That is what the show is about. Friendship.

Not everything has to be about a ship. 

Also- we’re trying to be a little more canon, and as of right now, there are no ships on the show. When something happens there, something will happen here. 


Text: Brad, Sam, Carly
Freddie: Just a few more days til our road trip. Who's pumped? :)
Sam: This chick ain't gonna lie. Mama's pretty excited.
Carly: I'm so excited for this trip :D
Brad: I have packed and repacked at least twenty times since we decided on this. I would be willing to bet you guys that I am the most excited. We are going to have so much fun!
Freddie: :D
Text: Brad, Sam, Carly
Freddie: Just a few more days til our road trip. Who's pumped? :)
Text: Brad, Carly
Freddie: Have any of you seen Sam yet? :/










Sam sighed as she entered Groovy Smoothie with Brad. They both made their way over to where Carly and Freddie were already sitting. Carly and Sam had been talking, and they both knew that the tension within the group needed to be solved. Sam…

Throughout the school day, Brad felt guiltier and guiltier about his scheme. Every time he saw Freddie sigh or wince at his and Sam’s behavior, he felt like he had been punched in the gut. 

But upon seeing Freddie and Carly sitting by themselves in the Groovy Smoothie, most of Brad’s original anger came flooding back, fueling him to put his arm around Sam’s shoulders. He knew Sam didn’t want to be part of it anymore, and he had planned to respect that, but he just couldn’t get over the proximity between his two so-called friends.

Was he reading into this too much?

“Oh yeah, I saw that. I heard the guy who drew it got detention with her for two weeks. Has to clean out her bagpipes.”

Sam glanced at Brad out of the corner of her eye before shrugging his arm off of her shoulders. She had noticed the flicker of anger in his eyes when they walked in. Sam sighed as she pulled out her phone, quickly typing, they were just waiting for us. Calm it.

She shrugged at Brad when he gave her a look.

Freddie raised his eyebrow when he saw the little interaction between Brad and Sam.

“That poor guy, cleaning Briggs’ bagpipes…” He weakly offered to the conversation. His stomach dropped when Brad gave him an icy look. He noticed when Carly shifted uncomfortably in the seat beside him.

With the tension this high, Freddie never wanted to see T-Bo trying to sell him something on a stick more in his life.

Inwardly groaning from frustration at Sam, he almost missed the small shift that Freddie pushed his chair - away from Carly. It was a sign of retreat, and it made Brad feel like a complete jerk. He deflated, all of his previous guilt flooding back to him. What was he doing? Freddie was his best friend. No matter what he did, he would still be his best friend. At the realization, Brad knew what he had to do. “Freddie?” Brad asked in a small voice, “Could I talk to you?”

Sam had to admit, she was shocked that Brad was making the first move. He was so angry at them, and suddenly, he seemed so vulnerable. Sam glanced at Freddie, who looked just as shocked as she did. He looked at her, appearing to be asking her what to do with his eyes. Sam shrugged and cocked her head toward Brad as a sign to agree. She knew she couldn’t do anything else for them.

Freddie awkwardly got up and motioned for Brad to follow him. He stepped outside, breathing heavily. He knew when Brad stopped beside him, but he refused to meet his eyes. They hadn’t spoken for almost a week, and Freddie really didn’t know what to do anymore.

“You wanted to talk?” Freddie asked softly.

Taking a deep breath, he knew that if he didn’t bury his pride and apologize now, they weren’t going to get anywhere.

“I’m sorry, man. I was- am- a jerk. I’m not into Sam and she’s definitely not into me, if you couldn’t tell by the way she pushed me away back there. She was just being a good friend and helping me out. And I’m sorry for avoiding you. And for everything else I did. You don’t deserve it - you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Freddie sighed.

"You’re not a jerk… And I sort of did deserve it. I made a pass at her, and I shouldn’t have.” Freddie said, his voice barely above a whisper. “I deserved every bit of it… But that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.” he continued. Truth be told, it killed him to see Brad so distant, especially knowing that he was the cause of it.